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About Me

Shae (ME!)My name is Shae. I’ve been blogging under the name Shelver506 since early 2012 at Bookshelvers Anonymous, where I talked about books, publishing, and working as a shelver at a national bookstore chain. I quit my job in the summer of 2013 and stopped blogging anonymously about the same time.

Now I blog here, on Shae Has Left The Room, where I talk about books, the publishing industry, and anything else that catches my fancy. I’ve been known to rant, swoon, drool, and howl on various occasions, proving that I am much more expressive online than I am in real life. I like to read young adult and middle grade books the best, though I’ve picked up a few adult books when they strike my fancy. Of all the wonderful genres out there in the big, blue world, I prefer fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and magical realism the best, though I will gladly try anything that is known for being different, tricky, or mind-bending.

You can contact me via any of the ways listed on my Contact/Follow Me page or drop me a comment on any of my posts. I love to gab with fellow readers, so don’t be shy!


Q: Why aren’t you running Bookshelvers Anonymous anymore?

A: I quit my job as a shelver this summer and showed my face for the first time at BEA in May. Since I’m no longer a bookshelver nor anonymous, it didn’t make any sense to be running a blog called Bookshelvers Anonymous.

Q: What happens to the old blog now?

A: It’s all still there, lurking in the cobwebbed corner of Blogspot. But I transferred all my posts and comments and things here, so the old blog still lives on, just under a different name.

Q: Why did you move to WordPress?

A: I’ve heard great things about WordPress, and I knew it would give me more flexibility. Also, while I didn’t have a bad experience at Blogger, it was beginning to annoy me.

Q: What kind of a name is “Shae Has Left The Room?”

A: A cool one, that’s what kind. In my family, I’m notorious for zoning out mid-conversation while reading. My family jokes that I’ve “left the room,” because I’m completely oblivious to what’s going on around me. It also takes me a few minutes to “reenter a room” when addressed while reading.

Q: So this is still a book blog, then?

A: YES! Absolutely! I’ll still write reviews and discussion posts and have fun with memes and giveaways. And yes, it’s still a YA-heavy blog, though I’ll likely read a lot more MG and maybe even some adult lit (but only in very special cases.)

Q: So what am I supposed to call you, Shae or Shelver?

A: I’ll answer to either. I’ve grown very fond of my pseudonym, so I certainly won’t mind if you’re more comfortable addressing me that way. But if you call me Shae, be sure to spell it right. I amĀ neither a stadium nor a type of butter.

Q: Is that your real face?

A: Yup.

Q: What’s the point?

A: Of blogging? To talk about books, of course! Also, I’d love to work in publishing someday, and a book blog looks great on the ol’ resume.

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